Compton College (OneStop) Ticket Handling in Salesforce

How to handle the ticket that arrive via email?

Handling Tickets that Arrive via Email

Email tickets are handled similarly to phone and chat tickets, but there are a few things to be aware of:

  • New email tickets do not have the Category, Type, and Item fields filled in.
  • Ensure that the correct Contact is associated with the ticket.
  • If you escalate a ticket, you MUST put in a Comment or Internal Note explaining what you have done and why you are escalating it BEFORE doing so!
    • IMPORTANT! – All comments are emailed to the user. Internal Notes are not.
    • If you use the Internal Notes field, be sure to add your name and a time stamp before the note.
  • If you are able to resolve the issue, change the Owner to yourself before marking the ticket Closed.
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