Scholarships & Grants

How many Scholarships are there?

There are a number of scholarships available at Compton College including:

  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Behavioral & Social Science Scholarship
  • Business Scholarship
  • CalWORKS Scholarship
  • CARE Scholarship
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE) Scholarship
  • Child Development Scholarship
  • Computer & Information Systems (CIS) Scholarship
  • Dream Act Scholarship
  • EOPS Scholarship
  • Fine Arts Scholarship
  • First Generation Student Scholarship
  • Humanities Scholarship
  • Mathematics Scholarship
  • Natural Sciences Scholarship
  • Nursing Scholarship
  • OSHER Scholarship
  • Special Resource Center (SRC) Scholarship
  • The Formerly Incarcerated Student Transition (F.I.S.T.) Second Chance Scholarship

There are also a number of memorial scholarships, foundation scholarships and other options that may apply to your situation. To read more about current scholarships being offered and their eligibility requirements, visit:

For tips on applying for scholarships, visit:

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