Out-of-State Tuition

What is Out-of-State Tuition?

It means you have not qualified as a California resident at time of application or have not submitted the necessary documentation to qualify.

A California resident is defined as a citizen of the United States or a person who holds a status that allows him/her to establish residency in the United States, and can provide evidence of physical presence in the state of California for at least one year prior to the time of application, along with evidence of intention to  maintain California as their legal state of residence.

If you are under 19 years old, residency is determined by the legal residence of your parents or legal guardian.
To prove you are a California resident for at least one year, you will need to provide:

  • Two (2) acceptable proofs of established California residency
  • Documentation of your valid legal status if you are not a United States citizen

For a complete list about what types of documents you can provide and to read more information about residency qualifications, visit: http://www.compton.edu/studentservices/admissionandrecords/residency.aspx

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