What are the issues with 1098-T Tax Form?

Issues with 1098-T Tax Form

To determine if it is correct, review these items first:

  • The 1098-T form reports what is billed for tuition and related expenses in a calendar year—not what you pay out of pocket.
  • Textbook purchases are not recorded on this form. Only qualified tuition, fees and expenses are reported on the 1098-T.
  • Spring classes that begin in January – March that were registered for and billed in November and December of the prior tax year will appear on the prior year 1098-T form.
  • If your scholarships and grants are greater than your billed tuition and related expenses, you are not eligible for a 1098-T
  • If you paid for your enrollment fees, but dropped classes and received a refund, then you would not receive a 1098-T form for those dropped and refunded classes.

If your address or Tax Identification Number (TIN)/Social Security Number (SSN) are incorrect, contact the Office of Admissions & Records to get your correct information on file with the school at admissions@compton.edu via your Compton College email address. Your request may not be processed if sent from an outside address.

For other questions regarding your 1098-T, please contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar@compton.edu.

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