Physical Disability

What are support services to students with physical disabilities?

Compton College is committed to the full inclusion of all students providing a friendly and inclusive environment that students can thrive in. We are excited to see you reach for your dreams!

We offer our Special Resource Center (SRC), which is the California Community College Systems Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Program at Compton College. The SRC assists students with disabilities so they have equal access to all educational programs and activities on campus.

The SRC provides support services to students with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, psychological disabilities, developmental delay, brain injury, visual impairments, health problems and hearing impairments.

The SRC has two offices on campus:
Main Office: First floor of the Vocational Technology Building, Room 109
High Tech Center: Vocational Technology Building, Room 226B
Phone: (310) 900-1600, Ext. 2402
Fax: (310) 900-1220

You can also contact SRC counselors online. New SRC students can reach out to Jovany Gaucin
at and continuing SRC students should contact Victoria Martinez

For more information, please visit

While the Compton College campus is closed for the COVID pandemic, please visit the following link for scheduling online appointments or to contact counselors via email:

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