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Username / Default Password Format

Username Format

Students / Faculty & Staff

  • The username is generated by Banner. First letter of the first name + last name, + the next sequential number in the system if the same pattern already exists. The last name could be truncated if the whole username is over 30 characters.
  • Example:

Password Format

Students / Faculty, and Staff

  • Banner generates a default password based on the DOB. It starts with a capital ‘A,’ followed by a lowercase ‘a,’ DOB, and ends with an exclamation point.
  • Example: DOB = January 6, 2003  Password: Aa01062003!

Account Creation Timeline


System  When Access is Provided How Credentials are Provided
Portal / Email / LMS After Acceptance Students receive their information on an email from Compton College SIS with the student ID (starts with an “A” followed by eight digits, i.e. A00012345) and the instructions on how to activate their O365 account

Note: If the student did not receive an email with the student ID, they should reach out to the A&R. If they received the student ID and the temporary password and still cannot log in, they should call Compton College Helpdesk at 310-900-1234 (Monday through Friday – 8am to 4:30pm


System  When Access is Provided How Credentials are Provided
Portal / Email / LMS During On-boarding Accessed with SSO, set up by Compton ITS Dept.


Self Help Forgot Password / Reset Tool

Students / Faculty & Staff

  • Enter your email address
  • Click on “Forgot Password“.
  • Follow the prompts and reset accordingly.

Self Help Forgot Password / Reset Tool (User Knows Current Password)

Students / Faculty & Staff

  • Login with your credentials.
  • Click on Icon in the top right corner.
  • If uploaded a picture to the profile click on the picture.
  • If didn’t use a picture, the icon will have their initials.
  • Next click on view account.
  • Lastly scroll down and click on the Password icon.
  • It will direct them to the page to change their password.
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